2020 is the year people forcused on sports having fun outdoor and living a healthy life in phisically and mentally. The keyword of "CYCLE MODE international", the biggest sports bike exhibition, is "OUTDOOR and RIDE". Once you ride a bike, you can experience a relaxation in physically or mentally. That's the cycling magic!

Going to cycling road near your home, going to office on your bike, participating some events, cycling for trip, camping, fitness, and home training with virtual appliation. You can appeal visitors the cycling has many possiblities and appealing at CYCLE MODE international.

Off-road bike area
"Test-ride course & experience spots"

Increasingly popular "Gravel" and "Camp & Ride", Off-road bicycles are much popular in Japan. Some kind of experience spots like off-road test course and woodwork for kids are in CYCLE MODE.

Off-Road Test Course

At a part of the main test course starts from halls, you can experience up-down, ladder, mud , etc.This course lets visitors try MTB and Gravel road bikes on the course and get more following.

Makuhari Cross Test Course

The new BTM & Gravel test-ride course is unveiled at Cyclo-cross race course. By deeper experience at off-road course, get more following and stimulate purchasing interests for upper models.

Home Training
related equipment gathers!

When you cannot go out caused by rain or hay fever, you can have a fun with home training systems.
You can connect riders in the world by dual communication system on application and training software.That is not only for training anymore. You can enjoy it as if you ride a bike outside.The indoor exercise is spotlighted. This is the special zone for it.


e-Bike is making the possibility of sports bikes wider. The 6th edition of e-BIKE EXPO presents visitors new e-bikes and experiences with e-bikes on up-down test-ride course.

CYCLE x Travel Fair

"CYCLE x Travel Fair" is most popular zone in CYCLE MODE. To any visitors who search anywhere they can ride sports bikes, a lot of local governments can introduce local cycling courses, tour info and cycling events.


Improving promotion on Official website

Try to reach bike fans who live far from the exhibition venue by improving promotion on CYCLE MODE Official website. That is not only post the exhibit products or leisure info but also the live streaming from the exhibition hall.

Business Time

It is the time for Dealers, merchandisers. Manufacturers, Product Developpers, and involved parties in morning on Novemebr 6th, the first day of the period.


1. Main Stage
Talk show by Pro-cyclists or famous entertainers.
2. Long test-ride course
Comparing bikes at 1km long test-ride course.
Visitors can try longing bikes!
3. Workshop for athletes
How your performance bring higher level.
You can learn the key technique.
4. Hand-made bicycle zone
World-class technologies for manufacuturnig bikes.
5. Vintage Bike Market
Vintage parts, bike clothes, accessaries, and etc.
Enjoy the treasure hunting!
6. Team Keep Left
Manner up project for cycling.
7. Lesson corner before the test-ride
The lecture for road bike biginners.
How to change gear, body position or breaking.
8. Kids test-ride & Kids area
Learn how to enjoy riding bicycle under the rules at Kids area.

and moreļ¼