CYCLE MODE international 2019

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Exhibitor Infomation

Exhibitor Infomation

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Fill in the application form below to apply for the exhibit online.

To applicants who will exhibit E-Bike,

Regarding the e-bike, e-mobility or other kind of electrical bicycles, Japanese traffic regulation is very strict. Most e-bike from overseas are unfortunately irregular and are not allowed to cycle public road. Therefore, please allow us to take a few days to process the application for each.

For exhibiting e-bike, please understand the following.
1) The product that has an assist system for pedalling will be allowed for test-ride. The product that run by pressing the accelerator is NOT allowed for test-ride but can exhibit at the booth.
2) The E-bike that the max speed is under 24km/hour will be allowed for test-ride.
3) For E-Bike test-ride, the advance permission from Secretariat is necessary.
Please send me the product specifications in English when you apply for a booth.

If you have question on this matter, please contact the secretariat at

Thank you for your understanding.