Many people are hoping to enjoy outdoor sports and live a healthy life in physically and mentally, however it is harder to get a chance nowadays. Besides, "sports bicycle" attracts big attention by its benefits for exercise, keeping yourselves healthy, and also maintaining social distance.
Cycle Mode, the largest sports bicycle festival in Japan, has moved to Tokyo Big Sight since the previous show. Under the theme of "Playing outside" this event aims to create a great attraction for sports bicycles by combining sessions with various outdoor activities that have a high affinity with sports bicycles, such as fishing, traveling, and camping, as well as scenes that open up the mind and body. Cycle Mode continues to provide the latest information on the bicycle industry, while establishing and expanding contents that excite visitors’interests. By appealing to children and other future users, we will continue to contribute to the further growth and revitalization of the bicycle industry. We look forward to seeing you at Cycle Mode!

Special Contents



The new area where visitors can experience outdoor styles with bicycles, such as "Cycle x Camping" for a day rides with only the minimum amount of luggage, traveling or go fishing with authentic camping tools , gravel road bikes and MTBs in the car.


e-BIKE EXPO is focused on sports-type e-BIKEs that further expand the possibilities of cycle sports. At the exhibits and e-BIKE test-ride area, you can experience the power and the fittable for any field, also you can get a info about cargo bikes specialized for "transportation," which are increasingly used in Europe.


The number of people who enjoy cycling while traveling as an activity is increasing these days. "CYCLE×TRAVEL" where you can promote tourism like local sightseeing spots or local tournaments to visitors who are looking for ways to enjoy themselves after purchasing a sports bike.


The main content of Cycle Mode is a 1.7km-long course where you can ride in and out of exhibition halls. Exhibitors bring more than 300 test-bikes, and visitors can enjoy comparing various bicycles on the course.


A popular program that comes with celebrities from the sports industry. Not only talk shows, an acrobatic show will be held as an exciting content for children and adults of all ages.

Gravel Bike Area

Recently, the gravel scene has been attracting attention as a new way to enjoy the off-road among core fans.
We will introduce the beautiful gravel bike courses and also appeal to those who have never ridden off-road to get them interested.

Urban-style Zone

At Urban-style zone featuring high-functional wear, bags, shoes, and helmets for business and daily use, providers appeal to targeting users who seek urban style about clothing and products that can be enjoyed as a fashion element along with cycling.


New Products Zone

Crowdfunding is increasingly being used by startup companies releasing innovative products and services in the cycle sector. We are looking for exhibitors of original bicycles and items created through the use of crowdfunding, and other products that improve the world with their ideas.

Planned Contents

Vintage Bike Market

Treasure hunting area for core fans.

Handmade Bicycle Zone

Builders' competition.

Athlete Workshop

Pro-athletes teach the secrets of performance improvement.

Test Ride Lesson Corner

Lectures on operation and riding posture for road bike beginners.

Kids Area

Learn the manners and rules that children need to know here.


To applicants who will exhibit e-BIKE,

Regarding the e-BIKE, e-mobility or other kind of electrical bicycles, Japanese traffic regulation is very strict. Most e-BIKE from overseas are unfortunately irregular and are not allowed to cycle public road. Therefore, please allow us to take a few days to process the application for each.

For exhibiting e-BIKE, please understand the following.
1) The product that has an assist system for pedalling will be allowed for test-ride. The product that runs by pressing the accelerator is NOT allowed for test-ride, but can exhibit at the booth.
2) The e-BIKE that the max speed is under 24km/hour will be allowed for test-ride.
3) For e-BIKE test-ride, the advance permission from Secretariat is necessary.
Please send me the product specifications in English when you apply for a booth.

If you have any questions on this matter, please contact the secretariat at

Thank you for your understanding.