Author of popular road race manga "Yowamushi Pedal" will make an appearance! And beautiful road racer Puck Moonen who has over 230,000 Instagram followers worldwide will visit Japan for the first time! This is going to be another exciting year!


"I want to ride faster and stronger!" Exclusive seminars will be available for those cyclists looking to improve at a higher level! Professionals of the Industry will take to the podium to share their knowledge.

First Sports Bike Seminar presented by Asahi

A must see for sports bike beginners! We will teach you all the basics you need to know to ride a sports bike.

Pre-Test Ride Lesson Corner

I want to test ride! But I've never been on a sports bike and I don't know anything, even how to change gears…Don't you worry at all, stop by for a quick lesson to learn everything you need to know before going on a test ride!


Exclusive seminars for distributor shops to learn about mechanics as well as actual training.


Various builders from veteran master craftsmen to young passionate builders strive to realize the ideal order frame in Japan. Savor the painstaking craftsmanship in the original frames.


Demand for sports e-BIKE is on the increase in Europe! Electrically assisted bikes that will support various activities will gather to Cycle Mode! Some of the latest models will be shown here for the first time in Japan. Check out its comfort and functionality!


Bicycles maintain their fascination no matter how long ago they were built. Enjoy these rare vintage bikes on display at the exhibit.

NEW AGING ~The Journey of a Lifetime~

The theme is "Corporation and Schools Work Together to Build Social Bikes""New Aging" is the title we came up with for the modern seniors who are extremely active in work and in their hobbies. Bikes that are perfect for the "New Aging" generation will be on display.


Don’t worry if your children can't ride bikes yet! Our instructor will teach the basics from how to ride a sports bike to rules and manners all in an enjoyable fun lesson.
The day you cycle with your children may be just around the corner!